Chariot is available for a token donation to organize the Jagannatha Ratha Yatra in your city/town. For details please contact 403-265-3302.

Gaura Arati – 6:00pm-6:20pm

Nrsimha Prayers -6:20pm-6:30pm

Govardhan Puja -6:30pm-6:50pm

Damodarastakam -6:50-7:10pm

Class -7:10pm-7:45pm

Prasadam -8pm … (read more…)

Gaura Arati – 6:00pm-6:20pm

Nrsimha Prayers -6:20pm-6:30pm

Damodarastakam -6:30pm-6:50pm

Class -6:50pm-7:30pm

Prasadam -8pm

  … (read more…)

Damodhara Month or Kartik is considered the most holiest month in the vaishnava calendar. It is said in the scriptures that it is the most auspicous month to be performing austerities. On this month, devotees offer lamps to the Lord every evening.
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