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Reason for Purusottama Month to occur

According to the lunar calendar the year passes through 12 months in 355 days. In our solar calendar it is 365. From 355 to 365, there are 10 days of difference. So every 3 years there is one additional month that is called the month of Purusottama.

Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu went forward on His South Indian tour. He arrived at the place of pilgrimage known as Jiyada-nrsimha.

The Jiyada-nrsimha temple is situated on the top of a hill about five miles away from Visakhapatnam. There is a railway station on the South Indian Railway known as Simhacala. The temple known as Simhacala is the … (read more…)

We are having special guests representing the Temple of Vedic Planetarium from Mayapur Chandodaya Mandir. They will be bringing Lord Nityananda’s Paduka (shoes) and Lord Nrshimhadev’s Sitari (helmet). Please don’t miss this opportunity to get dharsan and blessings from these auspicious items. They will be holding a seminar on Saturday, April 18, … (read more…)