Chariot is available for a token donation to organize the Jagannatha Ratha Yatra in your city/town. For details please contact 403-265-3302.

ISKCON Calgary will be publishing the annual souvenir for the year 2017 which will be unveiled on Rath Yatra.

This year we are targeting 40 pages being sponsored by various businesses/individuals at the following price:

  • Front cover (2 inch banner at bottom) and back cover – $1000 each
  • Front inside and back inside – $700 … (read more…)

This year we are celebrating Rama Navami on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Details coming soon…

(read more…)

Gaura Purnima is on Sunday, March 12 (Fast til Moonrise).

Although Lord Chaitanya Himself never declared that He was Krishna, the Vedic literature reveals that He was. The Bhagavatam, for instance, not only identifies Lord Chaitanya but also describes His mission: