Lord Jagannath RATHA is available for Rent, please call 403.265.3302 for more information.

We are having special guests representing the Temple of Vedic Planetarium from Mayapur Chandodaya Mandir. They will be bringing Lord Nityananda’s Paduka (shoes) and Lord Nrshimhadev’s Sitari (helmet). Please don’t miss this opportunity to get dharsan and blessings from these auspicious items. They will be holding a seminar on Saturday, April 18, … (read more…)

shuklaambaradharam vishhNum shashi varNam caturbhujam |
prasanna vadanam dhyaayet sarvavighnopashaantaye ||

“The One Who is adorned with a white garment, Who is All-Pervading, Who is bright as a full moon, Who … (read more…)

Spoken by His Divine GracePrabhupada-web_sm
Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami … (read more…)