Lord Krishna

Krishna spoke Bhagavad-Gita, the Song of God, esteemed as the essence of all the vast Vedic literatures and one of the greatest wisdoms of mankind. It was compiled by Srila Vyasadeva, the empowered writer of the Vedas, about 5000 years ago. Lord Krishna therein reveals His divine opulences, thus profusely demonstrating His supremacy: that He is God, the Origin of all.

Arjuna, to whom the Bhagavad-Gita was spoken, accepted the words of Lord Krishna. According to Arjuna, all the most recognized spiritual authorities of that time also confirmed Lord Krishna’s supremacy. Up until the present day, the teachings of Lord Krishna have been transmitted unchanged from the pure devotee spiritual masters to their disciples through this disciplic succession that started from Lord Krishna.

Krishna in Sanskrit means “all attractive”, as it defines God’s supreme qualities. Although God is one, He has numerous other names describing His divine attributes, such as Govinda, Gopala and Shyamasundara. In other authentic religions and languages He is known, for example, as Jahve, Elohim or Allah.


As the supreme original person, Lord Krishna has His pure spiritual form of “sat-cid-ananda vigraha”: eternal, all knowing and all blissful. He is the source of everything, and all beings are His minute parts and parcels, as pure souls dedicated to His eternal loving service.

It is God’s nature to be perfect and complete and thus fully self-sufficient. He is limitless, while all others are limited. In other words, He alone is fully independent, while all others are fully dependent on Him.

The realization of God is only possible through His arrangements and divine grace, by learning directly from Him through His authentic devotees. They can teach us by their own pure example how to approach and serve God as the Supreme Person and thus qualify ourselves towards achieving the highest level of spiritual realization, Krishna-prema, pure love of God.


The Absolute Truth has three different aspects or degrees of God realization: Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan. They are illustrated by the analogy of the sun, of which three traits are manifest: the light of the sun, the surface of the sun, and the sun itself.
The sunlight spreading throughout the universe can be compared to the realization of the Brahman feature of the Absolute Truth, the all-pervasive spiritual light which is the divine effulgence emanating from the spiritual form of  Lord Krishna. Those who are more advanced in their spiritual realization can also understand the surface of the sun, referring  to the realization of the Paramatma form of the Absolute Truth, the great Super-soul sustaining the entire universe,  also present in the heart of every living being.
And for the fortunate spiritualist who attains to the fullest realization of Bhagavan, the all-opulent Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna, he has been blessed with the highest perfection of life.


The holistic understanding of God is that He alone exists, manifesting for His own purpose and pleasure His infinite (and thus inconceivable) potencies. Among His multifarious energies, the Vedas describe them as manifested in three main categories (or tattvas): internal, external, and marginal. Internal means the spiritual world, where the Lord  displays His divine opulences and pastimes for the pleasure of His unlimited spiritual associates, all His eternal loving servants.
The external energy refers to His material creation, which He remotely controls through His empowered expansions (or devas, demigods) in all its aspects of creation, maintenance and destruction. He thus covertly pervades all matter and yields His perfect control as all-encompassing Time, rendering all matter endlessly mutable.
And the marginal energy refers to all of us living beings, His eternal parts and parcels. Although we living beings are spiritual entities in reality, by our free will we can choose  to be in contact with either the spiritual or internal world (by desiring to lovingly serve God) or the external energy of matter (to serve our own illusory desires). We are thus marginal by our own capacity for right or wrong desires.


As the Supreme Person, Lord Krishna attracts and enjoys the love of all His eternal pure loving servants, the greatest of whom is Srimati Radharani, His supreme consort. She is the perfect embodiment of His pleasure potency (hladini-shakti). Together, as the Divine Couple, They manifest the highest complete truth of God, Radha-Krishna.